Jester & Genius The one who can see the world differently, rethink accepted norms and create meaningful change. The only one in the royal courtbold enough to tell the truthand expose blind spots.

Together, a formidable team.

That's us, in a nutshell.
A company with the heart to
tell it like it is. And the smarts to
transform it to something amazing.

When Jester meets Genius,
truth and change won't be far behind.
That's our promise.

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Our Mission

We'd like to spark a Story Revolution.

Here's why.

In our combined two decades of Brand Strategy
experience, we've seen it all.

Hundreds of frameworks, processes and approaches to
build brands and grow businesses.

Some were inspiring and human, like art, but didn't lead
to strategic action.

Others were strategically sound, like a subway map, but
lacked inspiration and imagination.

We thought - why can't both happen together? By
harnessing the power of story, we created a revolutionary
new approach that proves it can be done.

This approach, both intensely human and strategically
actionable, speaks to the heart, and convinces the mind.

The Power of Story
Story Meets Strategy Strategy Story Meets Strategy Story Meets Strategy

Story Meets Strategy

How will we make the most of your brand story?

For starters, by uncovering
the authentic, inspiring and enduring
essence of your brand.

And then, by helping you tell this timeless story
through relevant, timely strategies.

On their own, story and strategy
may have some impact. But together,
they pack quite a punch.

The result? Steady, heady growth
for your business.

Story Meets Strategy Story Meets Strategy Story Meets Strategy

10 years experience as a Brand Planner,
Consumer Insights & Brand Strategist.

Co-author of 'Brand Humanity: Transforming
the business of building brands', a chapter in
'Consumer-Brand Relationships: Theory &
Practice' (2012).

Recipient of the Advertising Research
Foundation's prestigious Grand Ogilvy and
'Make your Mark' awards.

Master's degree in Advertising from the
University of Illinois and a 3-year-stint in the
Ph.D. (Marketing) program at Cornell University.

When not crafting brand stories,
Padmini can be found curled up on
a couch reading a book. She lives in Dallas with
her husband Raj, daughter Tara
and a lab, Roo.

11 years experience in Brand Strategy,
Shopper Management, Innovation Strategy
and Agency Account Management.

Key accomplishments include leading the
turnaround of the $500MM Lay's Kettle business,
building a $400MM innovation pipeline for
Frito Lay and crafting the first comprehensive
Hispanic Innovation strategy for the company.

MBA from Southern Methodist University and
Masters in Advertising & Communications from
NMIMS, Mumbai, India.

Rose is on the Marketing Advisory board of
University of Texas, Dallas.

Rose is a quintessential soccer mom and on
most weekends, she's on the soccer field cheering
her three sons (Arjun, Kabeer and Vikram)
or planning the next family road trip
with her entrepreneur husband Jitendra.

Brings a Zen attitude to work by not letting
deadlines get in the way of naps and play.

Participates actively on conference calls -
it's the best time to ask loudly for treats
and be rewarded instantly.

Loves a story with a happy ending, such as
being rescued from a shelter and coming to
a home with easily trainable humans.

Unlike other Labrador Retrievers,
Roo does not fetch, chase balls or
go anywhere near water. Key preferences
include basking in the sun and ignoring
all commands unless there's a treat involved.

Our Services

Our approach is fresh, and
our results are unquestionable.

We create winning strategies based on
your brand story through proprietary
frameworks, innovative tools, creative
processes and story training.

  • • Brand Positioning And Portfolio Strategy
  • • Brand Activation
  • • Innovation Strategy
  • • Consumer Insights
  • • Design Strategy
  • • Story Bootcamp
Our Services